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Giovanna Galletti
Giana Vivaldi
born: 27.06.1916 in Bangkok, Thailand
died: 21.04.1992 in Roma, Italien
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No. Year Title Role German voice Picture
1. 1938 The Lady in White eine Freundin Ginevras
2. 1942 Signorinette die unbekannte Dame, Marcos Geliebte
3. 1950 Angelo tra la folla Spielerin
4. 1950 Margaret of Cortona
5. 1951 The Affairs of Messalina La cristiana
6. 1960 Hercules vs. the Hydra Oracle
7. 1961 The Wonders of Aladdin Hebamme
8. 1964 Three Swords for Rome
(als Giana Vivaldi)
9. 1964 The Bible, In The Beginning... Sinful woman
10. 1965 Night of Violence
(as Giana Vivaldi)
Mother of Carla Pratesi
11. 1966 Operazione paura
(e con ... als Giana Vivaldi)
baronessa Graps
12. 1966 A... come assassino Martha Prescott
13. 1968 The Lady of Monza Schwester Angela Eva Katharina Schultz
14. 1969 I fratelli Karamazov, quinta puntata Fenja
15. 1972 Last Tango in Paris
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