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Welcome! Glad, to have you here...

Some Information about this Database:

1. Pictures are ONLY visible to registered users (with a few exceptions)! Registration is for free and in first instance makes sure those pictures won't be shared unauthorized all over the internet!

2. Prompt access will be granted after registration! Usually I check for access request at least once a day (except for holidays or urgent matters). Accounts with questionable e-mail-addresses won't be confirmed! CAUTION: YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE A SEPARATE AUTHORISATION E-MAIL but you are registered right after my confirmation.

3. I appriciate any help and support in working on this database! Especially if you can provide cover pictures from all over the world. Any kind of picture whether actor portraits or video covers, pretty much appreciated. Please be aware of a certain size they should fit in. Things I would not thank you for are average data taken out IMDb- intensionally or imprudently!

Step by step this homepage should become a comprehensive database for Italian movies and actors. Anyhow it might happen that you will find a Hungarian, American or German movie without Italian involvement if only one or more members of the Italian "movie family" has been involved- no matter if this person is/was Brasilian, Dutch, Hungarian or any other nation. If you happen to find any mistake within this database: please feel free to contact me! For further information: read on...

Explanation on this Database:

Title: if there are different sources titles are prioritized as follows:

  1. Original opening credits (even if there exists/ed newer credits for some movies!)
  2. ANICA
  3. other sources (DCI, GADCI)

Within the opening credits mentioned actors ALWAYS refer to the version stated within the text field! If I was able to use the Italian opening credits I first took over this information prior to the international one. A German version I only used for German co-productions or if it was the only available!

ALMOST ALL Role indications originally were generated by myself unless not stated within the text field e.g. D, stated ANICA. Meanwhile several persons (see overview below) are working on this database and I totally trust them. Of course all of them could make mistakes- just like me!

We particular pay attention to stuntmen, actors who are not mentioned and Generici (small-part-actors we completly researched ourselves- an ongoing process). In first instance we use the forum of Emiliano: Emilianos forum of small-part-actor identification (Generici) and picture collections

If a single person is unknown -e.g. because of picture quality or this person only acts/ed in the background- this will be mentioned. (unsure, possibly, maybe)!

Crew members and directors: as already mentioned I either use the (unconfirmed) information from several dictionaries OR from the original opening credits. In some cases -not a few- those information were stated for tax (or trade union) reasons but with regards to reality the movie was staged, cutted etc. by another unit. If this information reached me somehow it will be found within the text and the 2nd regisseur will be named!

The information on the movies I gained not from the original opening credits I only used if I didn't own (or soon would own) the movie - except for unforeseeable reasons.

Thank you:

After entering data on my own for 2 1/2 years slightly supported by Michael Lippitsch, Johan Melle and of course both of my administrators Dennis & Eric Heyse, whom I once again would like to mention and give thanks to. Without them this database would not exist: Thank you for always and quickly solving errors on this database which usually accur due to the ongoing groth of datavolumes!

Meanwhile we count several additional helpers among us whom I would also like to thank. Without them this database would not contain as many information as we now can share with you. Especially the amount of pictures of actors and roles increases on a massive scale!

In alphabetic order:
John Ewert (John)
Dennis & Eric Heyse (dheyse & eheyse)
Henry Kettler (Kogenta)
Michael Lippitsch (cesar) – additionally take notice of his statistian roles within Austrian movies that are only mentioned here (nearly exclusively entered by himself - as are most of the other Austrian movies)
Emiliano Lucca (Emiliano)
Johan Melle (Johan Melle)
Tibor Róbert Szücs (santo / Spirito Santo / TRS) - Head of database
Vittoriano Ventura (Ghibarian)
Nick Wale (Peplum Paradise)

Additional Persons (no active database administratos but frequently suppling information):
Nemesi, Ansgar Skulme (Piedone, Mücke)

Not to forget about my Partner Databases:
Bud Spencer & Terence Hill-Database of the Heyse brothers
Emilianos forum of small-part-actor identification (Generici) and picture collections
Squadra Volante Ligera
euro fever - Blog about european movies by Johan Melle
My own forum
My old forum (no registration possible anymore but still worth looking for information within old postings!)

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