Unbekannt Old bald man with glasses IDENTIFIED

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Unbekannt Old bald man with glasses IDENTIFIED

Beitrag von ciavazzaro1 » Do 28. Sep 2017, 02:04

Hello, i was having a look at the imagines of the unknows generici, and i saw the new topic of Unbekannt Old bald man with glasses and since i have identified him many months ago, i wanted to say that he is
GIUSEPPE RAVENNA, credited with a big role in Colpo di stato from Luciano Salce, here his topic with the movies i found with him so far (he is everywhere from the 1960's until the end of the 1970's)


I wonder if he is a relative to Domenico Ravenna, they look similar, maybe brothers ? (they are also credited together in il dolce corpo di Deborah but only Domenico appear).


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