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Johan Melle
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Re: Englische Stimmen

Beitrag von Johan Melle » So 11. Mär 2018, 15:41

LewtonCole hat geschrieben:
Mo 5. Mär 2018, 21:27
​Obviously Mr. Adams was mostly famous for other parts and characters . But since "Cipolla Colt" is some hilariously exaggerated comedy, I think his cartoon voice quite fits of sorts.
Aha. Well, looking up Mason Adams, I can tell he was a US-based dubber, so I assume this film was dubbed in the US rather than in Rome, then. Speaking of which, I wonder if maybe MAN OF THE EAST could have been dubbed in the US, too, because I don't recognize any voices in that film. It just doesn't 'sound' like the films that were dubbed in Rome usually does, if that makes any sense.

Haven't had much time to check out anything else, but I did look at (or should I say listen to?) BLACKIE THE PIRATE. Now, the IMDb lists the following voice cast for this film:

Terence Hill - Larry Ward
Bud Spencer - Richard McNamara
Silvia Monti - Carolyn De Fonseca
George Martin - Robert Sommer
Diana Lorys - Susan Spafford
Sal Borgese - Charles Borromel
Luciano Pigozzi - Edward Mannix
Carlo Reali - Geoffrey Copleston

I can confirm that McNamara, De Fonseca, Sommer, Spafford and Mannix are correct.

I don't know about Larry Ward, but he did appear in some American movies and several TV series, so it should be possible to find some live sound appearances with him in order to confirm whether this is correct or not.

I'm not terribly familiar with Charles Borromel, but after examining a few of his performances, I'm inclined to believe that he is indeed the voice of Sal Borgese.

The identification of Geoffrey Copleston as Carlo Reali's voice is completely wrong, and so are nearly all of the voice credits attributed to Copleston on the IMDb.

Finally, I can add that Edmund Purdom dubs his own voice.

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Re: Englische Stimmen

Beitrag von LewtonCole » So 11. Mär 2018, 17:17

Hi Johan,

with Grimaldi as producer and MGM distributing I'd say a New York based dubbing version of "Man Of The East" is very likely in that case, too. Moreover Harry Carey jr. and Gregory Walcott have been quite popular in the U.S. at that time. Both of them dubbing themselves by the way.

I can't say anything about the rest, tho. Maybe Christian will again 😉

Johan Melle
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Re: Englische Stimmen

Beitrag von Johan Melle » Mo 12. Mär 2018, 17:24

Since there has been much focus on CRIME BUSTERS lately, it seems only appropriate to tackle that film next:

Terence Hill - Terence Hill

Bud Spencer - Edward Mannix

Luciano Rossi - Ted Rusoff

Jill Flanter - Susan Spafford

April Cloud or Clough or whatever - Pat Starke

Also, Riccardo Pizzuti's voice sounds really familiar. Michael Forest, maybe??

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Re: Englische Stimmen

Beitrag von Schlitzi » Mo 12. Mär 2018, 21:19

Also beim GENTLEMAN müsste man mal schauen, ob in englischen credits was zu finden ist wegen der Synchro. Ist auch wie ich ffinde eine der besten englischen Fassungen wegen Lippensynchronität der Spencer/Hill filme, was man von vielen anderen nicht grade behaupten kann.

Von Larry Ward werde ich mal schauen, wo der noch überall dabei war. Vielleicht findet sich ja was um ihn einwandfrei zu identifizieren.

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Re: Englische Stimmen

Beitrag von CharlieFirpo » Di 13. Mär 2018, 10:35

Die englischen Credits von "Man of the East" haben leider keine Angabe zur Synchro. Die unterschiedlichen Credits der Filme sind in der Datenbank immer einsehbar, sofern sie uns vorliegen (falls dies dem ein oder anderen nicht bekannt sein sollte). Den internationalen Vorspann von "Man of the East" gibt es hier: https://spencerhilldb.de/showcredits.ph ... credit=103

Alle weiteren genannten Sprecher sind wieder eingetragen.