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Jean-Jacques Delbo
Jean Jacques Delbo, Jean-Jaques Delbo, Jacques Delb˛, Jean Jacques Del Bo
born: 10.01.1909 in Paris, Frankreich
died: 20.05.1996 in Nice, Frankreich
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No. Year Title Role German voice Picture
1. 1954 Royal Affairs in Versailles Monsieur de la Motte
2. 1956 ăela s'appelle l'aurore
3. 1958 The Day the Sky Exploded Sergei Boetnikov
4. 1959 Le Grand chef
(als Jean Jacques Delbo)
Alain Jumelin
5. 1960 The 1,000 Eyes of Dr. Mabuse
(as Jean-Jaques Delbo)
Cornelius' Butler
6. 1961 Lafayette L'exempt
7. 1961 The Count Of Monte Cristo
8. 1961 Erik the Conqueror
(als Jacques Delb˛)
9. 1962 L'attico
(als Jean Jacques Del Bo)
Alessandro Cattani, il padre di Gabriele
10. 1971 Senza movente Hauptkommissar Martin Hirthe
11. 1979 Lulu (1979)
(in ordine di apparizione)
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