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Maria Rohm
Birth name: Helga Grohmann
born: 13.08.1945 in Vienna, Austria
Biography (in German)

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No. Year Title Role German voice Picture
1. 1966 The Million Eyes of Sumuru Linda Martin Heidi Treutler
2. 1966 Five golden Dragons Ingrid Ursula Herwig
3. 1967 House of 1000 Dolls Diane
4. 1968 Deadly Sanctuary
(and ... as)
5. 1969 99 Women
(Int VS: Co-Starring)
6. 1969 Venus in Furs Wanda Reed
7. 1969 Il dio chiamato Dorian Alice Campbell
8. 1969 Jess Franco's Count Dracula Mina
9. 1969 Marquis De Sade's "Philosophy in the Boudoir" Madame St. Ange Beate Hasenau
10. 1970 The Bloody Judge Mary Gray
11. 1972 Treasure Island Mrs. Hawkins
12. 1972 Il richiamo della foresta Mercedes Evelyn Gressmann
13. 1974 Ten Little Indians Elsa Martino Brigitte Grothum
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