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Harriet Medin
Harriet White, Harriet White Medin, Harrieth White Medin, Enrichetta Medin
born: 14.03.1914 in Somerville, Massachusetts, USA
died: 20.05.2005 in Los Angeles, California, USA
Biography (in German)

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No. Year Title Role German voice Picture
1. 1946 Paisan
(IV° Episodio ...
alas Harriet White)
Harriet, dir Krankenschwester
2. 1947 Genoveffa di Brabante (1947)
(als Harriet White)
Genoveffa di Brabante
3. 1962 The Eye of the Needle
(als Enrichetta Medin)
Za Maria
4. 1963 The Whip and the Body
(als Harriet White)
Giorgia Gisela Reissmann
5. 1964 Panic Button Sister Mary
6. 1964 Blood and black lace
(als Harriet White Medin)
7. 1965 The Murder Clinic
(als Harriet White)
8. 1967 Troppo per vivere... poco per morire
(als Herriet Medin)
9. 1994 The Fight before Christmas
(als Harriet White)
DF: Ältere Frau
INT: Elderly woman
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Work as crewmember
Other activities
Year Title Comment
1956 The Montecarlo StoryDialoganleitung
1966 The Hills Run RedCasting - als Harrieth White Medin; Casting director
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