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Feodor Chaliapin jr.
Fiodor Schaliapin, Feodor Chaliapin, Theodor Chaliapin, Fedor Chaliapin, Fiodor Schialiapine, Feodor Chaliaplin
born: 06.10.1905 in Moskva, Russisches Kaiserreich (jetzt Russland)
died: 17.09.1992 in Roma, Italien
Biography (in German)

Figlio di Feodor Chaliapin e Iola Tornagi.

(According to DCI: Moskva, 08.02.1907 - Roma, 17.09.1992)

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No. Year Title Role German voice Picture
1. 1958 Herod the Great
(as Fiodor Schaliapin)
2. 1958 Prisoner of the Volga Boris Fomitsch
3. 1960 The Night they killed Rasputin
(as Fiodar Chaliap)
Confessor of the Tsarina
4. 1960 The Cossacks
(als Feodor Chaliapin)
5. 1961 Sodom and Gomorrah
(als Feodor Chaliapin)
6. 1962 Imperial Venus
(als Feodor Chaliapin)
Dance Teacher
7. 1963 Blood of the Executioner
(as Theodor Chaliapin)
Doge Giovanni Bembo
8. 1963 The Lion of St. Mark
(as Theodor Chaliapin)
9. 1963 Buffalo Bill Hero of the Far West
(als Fiodor Chaliapin)
Häuptling Weiser Fuchs
10. 1969 Il trapianto
(als Feodor Chaliapin)
Don Calogero
11. 1971 All'onorevole piacciono le donne
(als Fedor Chaliapin)
Sen. Torsello
12. 1973 La colonna infame
(als Fiodor Schialiapine)
13. 1979 Inferno
(als Feodor Chaliapin)
14. 1986 The Name Of The Rose Jorge de Burgos
15. 1987 Paganini
(als Feodor Chaliapin)
16. 1988 Curse IV: The Ultimate Sacrifice
(als Feodor Chaliaplin;
brother terrel)
17. 1990 The King's Whore
(as Feodor Chaliapin)
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