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Bible Collection
A series of TV movies produced between 1994 and 2001, based on biblical characters and events. The productions were all international co-productions involving between 3-6 countries, each with a different international cast. There were 17 films produced, 10 of them in 2-parts and 7 in single episode. The official order of the collection (as listed on Wikipedia) is different from the order in which the films were produced.
Folge Titel Jahr
1 Die Bibel - David, Teil 1 (TV) 1996
2 Die Bibel - David, Teil 2 (TV) 1996
3 Die Bibel: Josef 1995
4 Die Bibel: Jeremia 1998
5 San Paolo, Prima puntata (TV) 2000
6 San Paolo, Seconda puntata 2000
Zahl der Aufrufe: 286