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Un'ombra nell'ombra
Un'ombra nell'ombra
Un'ombra nell'ombra
Italien 1977
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Four women (Carlotta, Elena, Agatha and Raffaella) have given themselves to Satan and become part of a witches' coven. But even though they have acquired some witchcraft powers, Satan has complete control of their lives and relationships. Trouble starts when Carlotta's 13-year old daughter, Daria, starts behaving strangely. Daria has been fathered by Satan and is starting to discover that she has inherited very powerful satanic powers. Carlotta is frightened when she realizes how great her daughter's powers are and that she intends to use them for evil. Together with her three friends, Carlotta defies Satan to save Daria from evil - with dramatic results...

This flawed but enjoyable supernatural horror film was written and directed by occult-fiction author Pier Carpi; based on his own 1975 novel. The film was made in 1977 but not released until 1979.

The complete running time of the film is reported as being 106 minutes but the Italian, Greek and Scandinavian video releases all run 84 minutes. Only a Belgian video release is longer; at 87 minutes it includes an additional three-minute sequence where Carmen Russo's character is to be initiated into the witches' coven. Apparently, no video releases running longer than 87 minutes are known to exist.

The music by Stelvio Cipriani was later re-used in the Spanish slasher film Mil gritos tiene la noche a.k.a. Pieces (1981).

The names of many of the characters are completely different in the Italian and English language versions.

29.10.1979 International
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Nr. Darsteller RollennameSynchronsprecher Bild InfoIMDb
1 Anne Heywood Carlotta Rhodes
2 Valentina Cortese Elena Merrill
3 Frank Finlay Paul
4 John Phillip Law The Priest
5 Marisa Mell Agatha
6 Irene Papas Raffaella
7 Paola Tedesco Anna Merrill
8 Lara Wendel Daria Rhodes
9 Ian Bannen
(nel ruolo del)
The Professor
10 Ezio Miani
(con, nel ruolo del)
11 Carmen Russo
(e con la partecipazione straordinaria di)
Coven member
12 West Buchanan
(altri interpreti)
Peter Rhodes
13 Marina D'Aunia Prostitute
14 Patrizia Webley Prostitute 
15 Sofia Dionisio
16 Mark Jeremy Stross Martin Robinson  
17 Sonia Viviani Coven member 
18 Michel Barnes
19 Dirce Funari Young Agatha
20 Anny Papa Young Raffaella
21 Ofelia Meyer
Young Carlotta 
22 Anka Auling
(as Auling Anka)
23 Rossana Palazzolo   
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Stelvio Cipriani
Pier Carpi, Audrey Stainton (collaborazione alla sceneggiatura)
Guglielmo Mancori, Mario Sbrenna (operatore alla macchina), Renato Palmieri (assistente operatore), Aldo Marchiori (assistente operatore), Claudio Montuori (assistente operatore), Giuseppe Maccari (operatore alla macchina)
Manlio Camastro
Pier Carpi (dal suo romanzo omonimo)
Pierluigi Basile (als Pier Luigi Basile)
Tanit Cinematografica (laut ANICA, GADCI), Rassy Film, Aretusa Film
1. Regieassistenz
Amanzio Todini (aiuto regia), Luciano Poggiolini (aiuto regia)
Piero Amati, Dierk Schlotter (produttore associato), F. Saverio Moriones (produttore associato), Mario Sarag˛ (organizzatore generale), Rachel Griffiths (assistente del produttore), Pasquale Vannini (direttore di produzione), Carlo Lastricati (direttore di produzione), Alberto Longo (ispettore di produzione)
Pier Carpi
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